Covid 19 Update


Staying updated with covid-19 information is necessary for all the African Endeavours Clients. We are here to help your dreams come true. The travel industry is a big part of what makes this world go ’round, and it needs all the support that we can give it in these trying times. We are here to offer our support to our clients’ dreams, the travel industry and the health and safety of each and every one of you. We want nothing but the best for you and your company during this difficult time.

Note: It is important to check the latest rules and guidelines before travelling abroad. Travellers to Tanzania should be aware of the current Covid- 19 updates before they travel as there are restrictions to visiting certain places in and around South Africa.

#1. Covid-19 Vaccinations Required for All Guests:

Guests will no longer be able to travel to Africa without a valid vaccination certificate proving they have received the covid-19 vaccine (or that they are immune). Covid-19 is remarkably difficult to contract, but it has been known to spread in close quarters like cruise ships, airplanes and resorts rooms with ill guests.

#2. Flexible Transfer Policies

We take you and your families’ safety seriously. That’s why we are offering more flexibility than ever before, so that no matter what happens in life leading up to this adventure or after it, you have peace of mind while traveling with us.

#3. Covid-19 Counting System for Our Guests:

We are always looking out for your well being. That’s why we are installing a covid-19 counting system in each room of our resorts. This system will count the number of guests in the rooms to make sure that there aren’t too many people in the room.

We aim to provide you with the best experience possible, and we need your help to do so. We won’t be sending you any spam or sharing your information with other companies, and we’ll only use it for this specific offer.